YeboYethu (RF) Limited - Consolidated     31-Mar-20
ASSETS E = D + C   13 402 450  
– Investment in Vodacom Group Limted C = A x B   13 391 933  
  Number of Vodacom Group shares held by YY Group A   114 451 180  
  Vodacom Group share price (ZAR) B   117.01  
– Other assets (Cash and receivables) D   10 517  
LIABILITIES K = H + I + J   (10 926 897)  
– Preference shares H = F + G   (9 729 015)  
  Class A preference shares outstanding F   (4 360 171)  
  Class B preference shares outstanding G   (5 368 844)  
– Defered tax I   (1 192 541)  
– Other liabilities (Payables) J   (5 341)  
Net asset value (NAV) L = E + K   2 475 552  
Number of YeboYethu shares in issue M   52 915 960  
Net asset value per share (ZAR) = L / M   46.78  



  • The NAV calculation is included for illustrative purposes only in order to assist a shareholder to understand how the YeboYethu shares are valued based on the net value of assets minus liabilities.
  • The NAV calculation is based on information available as at 31 March 2020, including the closing price of the Vodacom Group Limited share price on 31 March 2020 and none of the information has been audited, unless expressly indicated. It must be noted that the liabilities in the calculation are determined twice yearly in accordance with YeboYethu's financial reporting timelines date, and may not reflect the actual, current liabilities.
  • The information included in the NAV calculation is subject to variation from time to time.
  • Neither the NAV calculation nor the information on which it is based is intended in any way to constitute any advice or recommendation under the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 27 of 2002.
  • Neither the NAV calculation nor the information on which it is based is intended to influence a shareholder's assessment of the price of the YeboYethu shares and a shareholder must makes its own independent determination of the price at which it wishes to sell its shares or acquire more shares.